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A World Without Sound Essay Sample free essay sample

â€Å"I don’t want to be bothered by noise. I’m tired of hearing atrocious things. † I do non kick anymore†¦ good. about noise at least. I am now deaf. I see smiling faces but can non hear laughter. I am able to feel concern and fright. but no longer can I hear someone’s calls and shrieks. Spoken discourse differs from written because one is able to set up emotionally the way of the conversation through voice. The inflexion of one’s voice can alter the signifier of the words to show peculiar properties. â€Å"She talks a batch. † can be said with a somber tone because it is factual. If it is said with backtalk. person finds the girl’s gabbing to be an irritation. Life has non changed drastically. Most of what I did as a hearing individual I am able to make now. but I miss â€Å"smaller things. We will write a custom essay sample on A World Without Sound Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page † I miss telling takeaway over the telephone and waking up to birds peeping. I even miss being awoken by the Sirens on exigency vehicles tardily at dark. I am non entirely in this silent universe ; everyone is deaf. Everyone has fallen victim to a awful virus. No 1 is certain as to how or why the virus came approximately. The deafening virus is viewed both positively and negatively. I find comfort in sharing my experience with friends. household. and even aliens. Everyone throughout the universe is confronting a similar state of affairs: life without sound. Deafness has ever existed ; there are audile instructors and address healers that have been educated and trained to help persons sing partial or entire hearing loss. Unfortunately. the universe population outnumbers these persons. and they. excessively are deaf. Hearing AIDSs and cochlear implants are available. excessively. to help with hearing loss. However. to keep these devices can be dearly-won. and in the instance of cochlear implants. invasive surgery is required. Documented every bit early as the 5th century B. C. in Plato’s Cratylus. groups of deaf people have used gestural linguistic communication: â€Å"If we hadn’t a voice or a lingua. and wanted to show things to one another. wouldn’t we try to do marks by traveling our custodies. caput. and the remainder of our organic structure. merely as dense people do at nowadays? † Sign linguistic communication is defined as a linguistic communication that uses manual communicating and organic structure linguistic communication to convey significance. Sign linguistic communication may affect at the same time uniting manus forms. orientation and motion of the custodies. weaponries or organic structure. and facial looks to show the speaker’s ideas. Sign languages exhibit the same lingual belongingss and use the same biological abilities. as do unwritten linguistic communications. Persons are propelled to increase their cognition. accomplishments. or understanding because of uncertainty. wonder. incomprehension. and uncertainness. In both noisy and tongueless universes. explicating inquiries is necessary because it may take to an reply that solves one’s larning demand ( s ) . and she may oppugn farther while unwraping more cognition and greater apprehension. Six indispensable inquiries to inquire when seeking cognition and apprehension are â€Å"who. † â€Å"what. † â€Å"where. † â€Å"when. † â€Å"why. † and â€Å"how. † â€Å"Who† is concerned with what or which people were affected/involved. â€Å"Where† is concerned with the location/position of a individual. event. or object. â€Å"When† refers to a clip or circumstance. â€Å"What† asks information to stipulate something. â€Å"Why† asks for what ground or intent did an action/event return topographic point. â€Å"Howà ¢â‚¬  Tells in what mode something occurred. Like a relentless five-year-old kid oppugning his female parent. we must neer halt inquiring â€Å"why. † It is a simple inquiry. but can be the most hard to inquire. As we mature. we stop oppugning and merely accept replies or conditions. and travel frontward with our lives. Asking â€Å"why† stimulates our heads. In our deaf-and-dumb person universe. we must foremost inquire. â€Å"Why are we deaf? † Was the virus inflicted upon the universe so we could break understand what is like to be handicapped in order to be more understanding? On the other manus. is the Earth being punished? It is hard for us to inquire â€Å"why† because we are excessively accustomed to routine. Deafness has forced me to interrupt my modus operandi. go motivated. and more originative. I have become cognizant of other attacks of communicating and diversion. I can no longer keep an unwritten conversation with a friend while sipping a cappuccino ; alternatively. we must utilize manus gestures in order to pass on. I do non pass my eventides in forepart of a telecasting set since I have to read captions ; I now prefer busying my clip with reading. throwing Frisbees. or playing tennis. We. excessively. must inquire one another â€Å"why. † Not merely does â€Å"why† function as a footing for group treatment but it will promote others to oppugn their ain modus operandis or milieus. By inquiring others â€Å"why. † we may larn how others are get bying with their newfound hearing loss. Having an unfastened forum will non merely be curative but may reenforce oppugning everything like we did as kids. Asking â€Å"when† something happened or will go on is of import when informing an person or a group. but when life in a tongueless universe. the inquiry is least of import because no 1 is certain when our hearing will be restored. We must non brood on our hearing loss ; if we do. it may do isolation and depression. I keep reminding myself. and others. we are valuable. Our focal point should be on educating one another about status. If we do non oppugn. we do non larn ; hence. we do non derive greater apprehension of a belief or construct. The most basic ground for inquiring is so we get replies. I am incognizant as to how long this worldwide hearing loss will prevail. but I intend to garner every bit much cognition so I can understand my hearing loss and aid others. excessively. By oppugning what has occurred. it allows me to be more accepting of my hearing loss and helps me to keep an unfastened head. Through the treatment and inquiring of hearing loss. I am bring outing implicit in frights and limited beliefs. therefore opening myself to all that life has to offer.

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How to Read a Meniscus in Lab Measurements

How to Read a Meniscus in Lab Measurements The meniscus is the curve seen at the top of a liquid in response to its container. The meniscus can be either concave or convex, depending on the surface tension of the liquid and adhesion to the wall of the container. A concave meniscus occurs when the molecules of the liquid are more strongly attracted to the container than to each other. The liquid appears to stick to the edge of the container. Most liquids, including water, present a concave meniscus. A convex meniscus (sometimes called a backwards meniscus) is produced when the molecules of the liquid are more strongly attracted to each other than to the container. A good example of this shape of meniscus may be seen with mercury in a glass container. In some cases, the meniscus appears flat (e.g., water in some plastics). This makes taking measurements easy! How to Take Measurements With a Meniscus When you read a scale on the side of a container with a meniscus, such as a graduated cylinder or volumetric flask, its important that the measurement accounts for the meniscus. Measure so that the line you are reading is even with the center of the meniscus. For water and most liquids, this is the bottom of the meniscus. For mercury, take the measurement from the top of the meniscus. In either case, you are measuring based on the center of the meniscus. For a flat meniscus, make sure the liquid is level. Usually placing the container on a lab bench does the trick. You wont be able to take an accurate reading looking up at the liquid level or down into it. Get eye-level with the meniscus. You can either pick up the glassware to bring it up to your level or else bend down to take measurements in situations where youre concerned with dropping the container or spilling its contents. Use the same method to take measurements each time so that any errors you make will be consistent. Fun Fact: The word meniscus comes from the Greek word for crescent. This makes good sense, considering the shape of a meniscus. In case youre wondering, the plural of meniscus is menisci!

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Freedom Writers Film Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Freedom Writers Film Analysis - Assignment Example In the movie, a neophyte teacher, Erin Gruwell, incited her students to make the most of learning. She introduced history in a different way, not only by taking pleasure in reading, but as well as by expressing students’ experiences, thoughts, and emotions in writing. In room 203 of Woodrow Wilson High School, during the fall of 1994, a new teacher, full of idealism, Erin Gruwell, met her â€Å"unteachable† class, as dubbed by the school’s administration. The class of â€Å"at-risk† teenagers was a mix of Caucasian, Afro-American, Vietnamese, Latino, and Cambodian students, who grew up in rough communities in Long Beach. Gruwell’s passion for teaching was challenged by Latino, Asian, and Black gangsters, who hate one another and tried to put every class activity into chaos. Instead of losing hope or getting mad, Gruwell listened to every story and sentiments of her students, in order to enter into their very soul and gain an in-depth understanding of their personality. Gruwell’s students have strongly signified their lack of interest to their teacher and her lessons, and even made bets on how long their new teacher would last in their class until an event happened that turned the scene into a character building situation. Ms. Gruwell saw a caricature of an Afro-American which infuriated her because of the stereotyping she has just seen is similar to that of that caused the Holocaust. Gruwell assigned reading books to her class to introduce the root-cause and morals of the Holocaust and required her students to keep their own diary. Many of her students revealed their own prejudices, grudges, and tales of abuse. Gruwell learned that her students are fighting not because of delinquent attitudes, but due to the cycle of grudges and biases prevailing in the inner city long before her students were born (Hoechsmann and Low 161).

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An overview of Western Civilization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

An overview of Western Civilization - Essay Example Under the philosophy, different scholars prompted the discovery of schools of thought such as the Pythagoreanism, Sophism, and Platonism. These schools of thought have significantly shaped the thinking of people living in those times. Another exemplar facet of Western Civilization is the religion. Around 700 BCE, Ancient Rome came into power and led many people in subjecting to Roman Catholic which believes in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit to be one person equal in power. Roman Catholic was gaining its popularity among people in those times. Popes were being praised, people come at their feet and kiss them, and they generally gave what they have materially in order to gain the attention and blessings of the popes. Amidst the church’s great influence is a man who courageously sees and speaks of its flaws. Looking at the prose titled â€Å"Grand Inquisitor†, Fyodor Dostoevsky boldly scrutinized it with an aim of â€Å"an attack to the Catholic Church†. Apart from a system of education and religion mentioned earlier, Western Civilization promoted values and issues such as rational argument, human rights, equality, democracy and free thought. Regarding the last, the prose gave nothing but a wide array of reflections. One point in the prose states, â€Å"†¦gift of freedom with which the ill-fated creature is born† (Dostoevsky). The gift of freedom stemmed out from Jesus Christ’s choice when he was on earth, at a time when Satan approached him in the mountains to tempt him. The three temptations to Christ, were first, the earthly bread. This was followed by casting his own self while at the same time trusting that he will be saved by the angels, and the third, choosing the word kingdom to gain unity upon earth. The issue of freedom revolved around these three temptations. The Grand Inquisitor presented the results and the curse or consequences of Christ rejections of the three while questioning the nature of man. Regarding the first temptation, the Grand Inquisitor mentioned that Christ’s failure of choosing the earthly bread over the heavenly bread resulted to unhappy people with freedom. This is shown by this passage, â€Å"†¦the terrible gift that had brought them such suffering†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Freedom allowed people to carry on independently. Freedom casted a provider, or a leader, according to the Grand Inquisitor. Thus, people suffer because having no ruler is like being a sheep driven into confusion and misery. It is a common human nature to worship and be a slave of someone, â€Å"Feed men, and then ask of them virtue! That’s what they’ll write on the banner which they will raise against Thee†. Such philosophy is seen when human chose to be led by political leaders like Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin (Dostoevsky). They were willing to give up their freedom and be in subjection to rulers who would give them the earthly bread despite the persecutions they impose. Another scene which illustrates that is when Christ went down from the heavens to make miracles like resurrecting a dead one and healing the ailing ones. Upon seeing the miracles performed by Jesus, people came at his feet and started to do acts of worship to hi m. The Grand Inquisitor pointed out that Christ must have satisfied people if only he did not reject Satan’s temptation. That way, he will serve for the sake of many and make himself famous as a grand provider just like what the pillars of the church are doing. The second temptation reveals that Christ’

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Reasons for the Success of Primark

Reasons for the Success of Primark Overview Primark is one of the biggest chain stores in Europe. It operates in 6 European countries like Ireland, Spain, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Portugal and Germany. The first store was established in 1969 in Dublin. Afterwards in 1973 Primark started trading in Great Britain and in 2006, it opened 2 new stores in Spain and from 2008 2009, Primark starts trading in the Netherlands, Portugal and Germany. Today Primarks chain consist from 193 stores, and majority of them located in the UK. The main offices of company are located in Ireland where it is known as Penneys, Primark is a branch of Associated British Foods pls. ABF has international sales of  £6.8bn and 85,000 employees in 43 countries and Primark is the main piece in ABF. ABF is a highly diversified group of companies who enjoy a high degree of autonomy in the running of their specific businesses. The ABF group is one of the biggest chain stores in Europe with the variety of successful brands and goods in the food sector. (http://www.primark.co.uk/ ) Main Body The successful story of business is Primark story that has become true in last several years. As it was written in â€Å"The Independent: â€Å"During a high street slump, it has built a reputation as a seller of extraordinarily cheap garments and shoppers have besieged its new stores, some of them bought from the collapsed Allders chain.† ( The Independent,† Primark is named at least ethical clothes shop†, by M. Hickman, Thursday, 8 December 2005). Primark success relates to: Super-competitive prices (the result of technology, efficient distribution, supply and volume buying) Market product quality High Street locations Clear focus on the target market. Good global management and logistics system (http://www.earthtimes.org/ ) Super-Competitive Prices Nowadays, global economy opens huge variety of markets, distribution and supply services to the companies that trade in global market. The one of the main oppotunities in companies success is opportunity to choose from a wide range of markets where to trade, or what supplier to choose. The combination of this aspects give to global companies a chance to make more profit that was ever made. As it is known, most of Primarks suppliers are from China, India and south east Asia. So, it gives to ABF group cheap distribution that relates to prices. Low price system give a huge advantage to Primark as a player in the market, among other players such as Tesco, Mark Spencer, Next and etc. this is a good strategy for Primark ,as a player in the global market, during the recession. It gives Primark a big market share and increases in profit. FQDSC strategic model (competitive advantage through) It is better to understand success of Primark store in FQDSC strategic model, which includes flexibility, quality, dependability, speed and cost aspects. If we mark Primark in all this aspects with one of his competitors and compare them, we will see why Primark is so successful. Now, we see that factors such as speed and cost play a huge role in human behavior in todays world during the recession. The recession time shows us how Primark is flexible with their customers, that speed and cost factors give Primark a huge advantage among other players in the market. In comparison with Debenhams and other competitors, factors such as speed and cost played the main role to the success of Primark. (Gregson, R. (2009) MGT 7100 Managing Processes, Lecture 1) Market Product Quality Quality of Primark`s goods strictly relates to the price and suppliers that Primark works with. So it is one of the best quality-price ratios in the market. ABF group achieved this correlation by using the basic rules in global economy to reach best profit. As it was mentioned before, global economy gives a huge amount of opportunities to the companies to make their best correlation between quality, price, location, speed and etc. High Street Locations Primark like almost a half of his competitors has a good location policy. For example, in London on Oxford street, Primark and his competitors are found in one street of market stores. In the UK High Street there is a huge amount of no-frills fashion stores. That means that Primark have a lot of competitors that have same type of customers. Well-established competitors such as Bhs and NEXT and others have to cope with Primark, while results are booming. Primark has become one of the cheapest fashion retailers in the UK High Streets. Therefore people buying goods from Primark store. The live example of Primark success in UK High Street it is if you go to Oxford street you will see a superior amount of people that are carrying Primark bags than from other stores. (http://www.open2.net/ ) Clear Focus On The Target Market Primark have clear understanding demands of their customers. Primarks market segment is the fashion conscious people under- 35s with the slogan â€Å"Look good pay less†. Primark has chosen ‘Cost Leadership strategy, it means that Primark has a cost privilege over competitors. In the last several years Primark has done a lot of things right. TK Maxx and Asda are one of the strongest competitors of Primark and they have a similar market segment. TK Maxx and Asda have different strategies to that of Primark. TK Maxx trades hugely-discounted prestige brands and Asda has created its own private and well-known brand. Primark focuses more on buying, logistics and supply chain management rather than developing its own brand. Primark made its own teams of buyers that travel all over the world to detect fashion trends and to find out the competitive caterers. It means that Primark understand demand of their customer very well by providing them high fashion goods at very low prices. It also has a very clever system of choices of fashion goods to copy into the mass production. To proceed to be most successful in market with ‘Cost Leadership strategy the firm should provide the cheapest prices in the market. (http://www.open2.net/ ) Good Global Management And Logistics System The success of Associated British Foods pls. is not based only on one aspect such as super competitive price, quality, high street location or clear market target. It is the totality of all of aspects. ABF group has a clear understanding of global economy rules. Primark realize that global market opens huge varieties of dealing business. It means that global economy, as it was mentioned before, give to companies a huge varieties of markets, suppliers and etc., and companies can choose among markets and suppliers. ABF group has a good correlation of options that global economy provides to companies. As the result Primark has a very good management and logistic systems. It means that Primark realize a correlation between high volume, low cost, location, market and supply chains. It is better to understand Primarks correlation in picture: Now, we can clearly understand the logistic system that is used by Primark. We can see that global economy and global market give a challenge to Primark and competitors to choose among suppliers. As we can see Primark has chosen the best correlation between suppliers, prices and other aspects which leaded to better profit. This is demonstration of Primarks commitment to having the best available solutions to help manage its supply chain, and to improve working conditions whilst maintaining competitive edge and quality in a fast-moving fashion environment,† said Ray Ellis, business systems analyst at Primarks owner, Associated British Foods. ( http://www.supplychain.cn ) Conclusion In conclusion we can see a whole picture of Primarks success. It is obvious that the company became a successful business story just in several years. Primark success is a very good solution in management and logistic system. Primark became a good example of success and a case study to its competitors. As it was written before, Primarks triumph relates to several aspects such as quality, high street locations, super competitive prices, clear focus on the target market, good management and logistics system. The main point of the success of Primark, it is that the owners of Primark were one of the first in practical business who realized the whole picture of global market and combinations of aspects and factors that is given by the globalisation. It is true that during the recession time factors like low costs and fast speed are playing a big role in decision making process of customers. Primark has a clear focus on the target market, and it helps them to know what the best to their customers is. They know that their target market are people under 35 and they focus more on factors such as fashion, low prices and speed. At the end, we cant say that the success of Primark is the lucky chance, their success is the well-developed combination between factors and aspects. References: http://www.primark.co.uk/page.aspx?pointerid=eb44df4565934edca627dac6ec12145a [accessed 14 November 2009] http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/primark-to-install-island-pacific-planning-solution,1029702.shtml [accessed 14 November 2009] The Independent,† Primark is named at least ethical clothes shop†, by M. Hickman, Thursday, 8 December 2005 http://www.open2.net/money/briefs_20051206_primark.html [accessed 15 November 2009] http://www.supplychain.cn/en/art/2769/ [accessed 15 November 2009] Gregson, R. (2009) MGT 7100 Managing Processes, Lecture 1

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Part Five Chapter IV

IV A misty blue sky stretched like a dome over Pagford and the Fields. Dawn light shone upon the old stone war memorial in the Square, on the cracked concrete faà §ades of Foley Road, and turned the white walls of Hilltop House pale gold. As Ruth Price climbed into her car ready for another long shift at the hospital, she looked down at the River Orr, shining like a silver ribbon in the distance, and felt how completely unjust it was that somebody else would soon have her house and her view. A mile below, in Church Row, Samantha Mollison was still sound asleep in the spare bedroom. There was no lock on the door, but she had barricaded it with an armchair before collapsing, semi-dressed, onto the bed. The beginnings of a vicious headache disturbed her slumber, and the sliver of sunshine that had penetrated the gap in the curtains fell like a laser beam across the corner of one eye. She twitched a little, in the depths of her dry-mouthed, anxious half-sleep, and her dreams were guilty and strange. Downstairs, among the clean, bright surfaces of the kitchen, Miles sat bolt upright and alone with an untouched mug of tea in front of him, staring at the fridge, and stumbling again, in his mind's eye, upon his drunken wife locked in the embrace of a sixteen-year-old schoolboy. Howard Mollison was sleeping soundly and happily in his double bed. The patterned curtains dappled him with pink petals and protected him from a rude awakening, but his rattling wheezing snores had roused his wife. Shirley was eating toast and drinking coffee in the kitchen, wearing her glasses and her candlewick dressing gown. She visualized Maureen swaying arm in arm with her husband in the village hall and experienced a concentrated loathing that took the taste from every mouthful. In the Smithy, a few miles outside Pagford, Gavin Hughes soaped himself under a hot shower and wondered why he had never had the courage of other men, and how they managed to make the right choices among almost infinite alternatives. There was a yearning inside him for a life he had glimpsed but never tasted, yet he was afraid. Choice was dangerous: you had to forgo all other possibilities when you chose. Kay Bawden was lying awake and exhausted in bed in Hope Street, listening to the early morning quiet of Pagford and watching Gaia, who was asleep beside her in the double bed, pale and drained in the early daylight. There was a bucket next to Gaia on the floor, placed there by Kay, who had half carried her daughter from bathroom to bedroom in the early hours, after holding her hair out of the toilet for an hour. ‘Why did you make us come here?' Gaia had wailed, as she choked and retched over the bowl. ‘Get off me. Get off. I fuck – I hate you.' Kay watched the sleeping face and recalled the beautiful little baby who had slept beside her, sixteen years ago. She remembered the tears that Gaia had shed when Kay had split up with Steve, her live-in partner of eight years. Steve had attended Gaia's parents' evenings and taught her to ride a bicycle. Kay remembered the fantasy she had nurtured (with hindsight, as silly as four-year-old Gaia's wish for a unicorn) that she would settle down with Gavin and give Gaia, at last, a permanent stepfather, and a beautiful house in the country. How desperate she had been for a storybook ending, and a life to which Gaia would always want to return; because her daughter's departure was hurtling towards Kay like a meteorite, and she foresaw the loss of Gaia as a calamity that would shatter her world. Kay reached out a hand beneath the duvet and held Gaia's. The feel of the warm flesh that she had accidentally brought into the world made Kay start to weep, quietly, but so violently that the mattress shook. And at the bottom of Church Row, Parminder Jawanda slipped a coat on over her nightdress and took her coffee into the back garden. Sitting in the chilly sunlight on a wooden bench, she saw that it was promising to be a beautiful day, but there seemed to be a blockage between her eyes and her heart. The heavy weight on her chest deadened everything. The news that Miles Mollison had won Barry's seat on the Parish Council had not been a surprise, but on seeing Shirley's neat little announcement on the website, she had known another flicker of that madness that had overtaken her at the last meeting: a desire to attack, superseded almost at once by stifling hopelessness. ‘I'm going to resign from the council,' she told Vikram. ‘What's the point?' ‘But you like it,' he had said. She had liked it when Barry had been there too. It was easy to conjure him up this morning, when everything was quiet and still. A little, ginger-bearded man; she had been taller than him by half a head. She had never felt the slightest physical attraction towards him. What was love, after all? thought Parminder, as a gentle breeze ruffled the tall hedge of leyland cypresses that enclosed the Jawandas' big back lawn. Was it love when somebody filled a space in your life that yawned inside you, once they had gone? I did love laughing, thought Parminder. I really miss laughing. And it was the memory of laughter that, at last, made the tears flow from her eyes. They trickled down her nose and into her coffee, where they made little bullet holes, swiftly erased. She was crying because she never seemed to laugh any more, and also because the previous evening, while they had been listening to the jubilant distant thump of the disco in the church hall, Vikram had said, ‘Why don't we visit Amritsar this summer?' The Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the religion to which he was indifferent. She had known at once what Vikram was doing. Time lay slack and empty on her hands as never before in her life. Neither of them knew what the GMC would decide to do with her, once it had considered her ethical breach towards Howard Mollison. ‘Mandeep says it's a big tourist trap,' she had replied, dismissing Amritsar at a stroke. Sukhvinder had crossed the lawn without Parminder noticing. She was dressed in jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. Parminder hastily wiped her face and squinted at Sukhvinder, who had her back to the sun. ‘I don't want to go to work today.' Parminder responded at once, in the same spirit of automatic contradiction that had made her turn down Amritsar. ‘You've made a commitment, Sukhvinder.' ‘I don't feel well.' ‘You mean you're tired. You're the one who wanted this job. Now you fulfil your obligations.' ‘But – ‘ ‘You're going to work,' snapped Parminder, and she might have been pronouncing sentence. ‘You're not giving the Mollisons another reason to complain.' After Sukhvinder walked back to the house Parminder felt guilty. She almost called her daughter back, but instead she made a mental note that she must try and find time to sit down with her and talk to her without arguing.

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Paper Bag Records and Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie Eugenia Collier From up here on the fourteenth floor, my brother Charley looks like an insect scurrying among other insects. A deep feeling of love surges through me. Despite the distance, he seems to feel it, for he turns and scans the upper windows, but failing to find me, continues on his way. I watch him moving quickly†gingerly, it seems to me† down Fifth Avenue and around the corner to his shabby taxicab. In a moment he will be heading back uptown. I turn from the window and flop down on the bed, shoes and all.Perhaps because of what happened this afternoon or maybe Just because I see Charley so seldom, my houghts hover over him like hummingbirds. The cheerful, impersonal tidiness of this room is a world away from Charleys walk-up flat in Harlem and a hundred worlds from the bare, noisy shanty where he and the rest of us spent what there was of our childhood. I close my eyes and side by side I see the Charley of my boyhood and the Charley of this aft ernoon, as clearly as if I were looking at a split TV screen. Another surge of love, seasoned with gratitude, wells up in me.As far as I know, Charley never had any childhood at all. The oldest children of sharecroppers never do. Mama and Pa were shadowy figures whose voices I heard aguely in the morning when sleep was shallow and whom I glimpsed as they left for the field before I was fully awake or as they trudged wearily into the house at night when my lids were irresistibly heavy. They came into sharp focus only on special occasions. One such occasion was the day when the crops were in and the sharecroppers were paid. In our cabin there was so much excitement in the air that even l, the â€Å"baby' responded to it.For weeks we had been running out of things that we could neither grow nor get on credit. On the evening of that day we waited anxiously for our parents' return. Then we would luster around the rough wooden table†I on Lil's lap or clinging to Charleys neck, litt le Alberta nervously tugging her plait, Jamie crouched at Mama's elbow, like a panther about to spring, and all seven of us silent for once, waiting. Pa would place the money on the table†gently, for it was made from the sweat of their bodies and from the children's tears.Mama would count it out in little piles, her dark face stern and, I think now, beautiful. Not with the hollow beauty of well-modeled features but with the strong radiance of one who has suffered and never yielded. â€Å"This tor the store bill,† sne would mutter, making a I p e. â€Å"This tor c'llection. T for a piece dgingham†¦ † and so on, stretching the money as tight over our collective needs as Jamie's outgrown pants were stretched over my bottom. â€Å"Well, that's the crop. † She would look up at Pa at last. â€Å"It'll do. † Pa's face would relax, and a general grin flitted from child to child.We would survive, at least for the present. The other time when my parents were solid entities was at church. On Sundays we would don our threadbare Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes and tramp, along with neighbors similarly attired, to the Tabernacle Baptist Church, the frail edifice of bare oards held together by God knows what, which was all that my parents ever knew of security and future promise. Being the youngest and therefore the most likely to err, I was plopped between my father and my mother on the long wooden bench.They sat huge and eternal like twin mountains at my sides. I remember my father's still, black profile silhouetted against the sunny window, looking back into dark recesses of time, into some dim antiquity, like an ancient ceremonial mask. My mother's face, usually sternly set, changed with the varying nuances of her emotion, its planes shifting, shaped by the soft highlights f the sanctuary, as she progressed from the subdued â€Å"amen† to a loud â€Å"Help me, Jesus† wrung from the depths of her gaunt frame. My early memo ries of my parents are associated with special occasions.The contours of my everyday were shaped by Lil and Charley, the oldest children, who rode herd on the rest of us while Pa and Mama toiled in fields not their own. Not until years later did I realize that Lil and Charley were little more than children themselves. Lil had the loudest, screechiest voice in the county. When she yelled, â€Å"Boy, you better git yourself in here! † you got yourself in there. It was Lil who caught and bathed us, Lil who fed us and sent us to school, Lil who punished us when we needed punishing and comforted us when we needed comforting. If her voice was loud, so was her laughter.When she laughed, everybody laughed. And when Lil sang, everybody listened. Charley was taller than anybody in the world, including, I was certain, God. From his shoulders, where I spent considerable time in the earliest years, the world had a different perspective: I looked down on the heads rather than at the unders ides of chins. As I grew older, Charley became more father than brother. Those days return n fragments of splintered memory: Charleys slender dark hands whittling a toy from a chunk of wood, his face thin and intense, brown as the loaves Lil baked when there was flour.Charleys quick fingers guiding a stick of charred kindling over a bit of scrap paper, making a wondrous picture take shape†Jamie's face or Alberta's rag doll or the spare fgure of our bony brown dog. Charleys voice low and terrible in the dark, telling ghost stories so delightfully dreadful that later in the night the moan of the wind through the chinks in the wall sent us scurrying to the security of Charleys pallet, Charleys sleeping form. Some memories are more than tragmentary. I can still teel the whap ot the wet disn rag across my mouth. Somehow I developed a stutter, which Charley was determined to cure.Someone had told him that an effective cure was to slap the stuttered across the mouth with a sopping we t dish rag. Thereafter whenever I began, â€Å"Let's g -g-g- -,† whap! From nowhere would come the ubiquitous rag. Charley would always insist, â€Å"l don't want to hurt you none, Buddy†Ã¢â‚¬  and whap again. I don't know when or why I stopped stuttering. But I stopped. Already laid waste by poverty, we were easy prey for ignorance and superstition, hich hunted us like hawks. We sought education feverishly†and, for most of us, futilely, for the sum total of our combined energies was required for mere brute survival.